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Service Request Apps

Businesses and residents use our apps to make service requests. Requests are sent to workforce teams in real-time and when attended to and completed, instantly notifies the requester and logs the incident for reporting.

Graffiti Removal
Mobile Ambassador Apps

Clean and Safe teams use our app

to field service requests in real-time, create work orders, log proactive tasks, track inventories, receive internal messages and contribute to services data collection, reporting and enterprise user generated content creation.

Supervisor Portal

Supervisors use our portal to view real-time workforce activity. This includes data for work orders, service requests, incidents, reports, data graphs and predictive analytics, and includes internal alerts and public messaging tools.

Street Smarts A.I.™

Our Street Smarts A.I.™ engine predicts manpower requirements, inventories spend and incident potential over time, and provides operational recommendations based on historical data and custom, organizational needs.

Product Suite
The Clean and Safe Solutions product suite consists of:
1.  Business and Resident Service Request Mobile Applications (for iPhone and Android Devices) 
2. Clean and Safe Ambassador Enterprise Mobile Applications (for iPhone and Android Devices)
3. Supervisor Request and Enterprise Management Service Portal (for desktop browsers and tablets)
4. Street Smarts A.I.™ predictive analytics and operational recommendations engine

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