Benefits to Property and Business Improvement Districts, Community Benefit Districts, Smart Cities and more

Clean and Safe Solutions is built for the smart city BID, PBID, MAD, CBD and similar organizations' workforce. Our software captures thousands of work orders per day and enables custom reporting and predictive analytics to support future budgeting, inventory management, labor planning and preemptive services.
Servicing the Community

Clean and Safe Solutions provides free mobile apps for businesses and residents to make service requests to Clean and Safe teams and city personnel in real-time. When tasks are attended to and completed the resident or business is alerted instantly.

Services Data and Reporting

Our workforce apps collect services data in real-time and store historic data points for any incident, task, service request or work order in the system. Reports can be generated in multiple formats to support our customer's managerial and executive reporting needs.

Process Improvement

Our Clean and Safe Mobile Ambassador apps assist workforce personnel to log and track all of their work, time per task, service request attendance, incident reports and work orders in neighborhood specific zones and blocks. 


The Street Smarts A.I.™ engine enables supervisors and leadership to predict incidents, make recommendations for labor hours and inventory budgeting, and assist in preemptive services scheduling.


Together enhancing our communities 

"Clean and Safe Solutions has provided our top neighborhoods with the tools needed to keep us on track. Providing a solution for our residents to reach out and contribute via the mobile app has greatly enhanced our client relationship and improved our on-the-grounds effort in dealing with street clean ups and common incidents." 

- San Diego Downtown Partnership

Innovate the way your city works

Clean and Safe Solutions